Patient Screening

Women Aged 50 and over - Don't miss out on your Breast Screening

The NHS Breast Screening Programme provides breast screening for women aged 50 and over.  The mammogram can detect small changes in breast tissue which may indicate cancers which are too small to be felt either by yourself or the doctor.

If you haven't received your invitation or have not attended and would like to be screened telephone 01204 3905454 to book an appointment.

Men Aged 65 and over - Don't miss out on your AAA Screening

A simple scan can tell you if you have an abdominal aortic aneurysm. This is an enlargement of the main blood vessel in the adbomen and if left untreated can be fatal men aged 65 and over are most at risk.

NHS screening invitations will be sent to men aged 65 this year and those over 65 can request a scan - telephone 0161 291 5716.

For more information visit -

Aged over 60? - Don't miss out on your Bowel Cancer Screening

The bowel cancer screening programme is for anyone over 60. If you are aged between 60-69 and registered with a GP you will automatically be sent a screening kit, every two years, to do in the privacy of your own home.

If you are 70 or over you are encouraged to request a kit by calling the freephone number 0800 707 6060.

If you are aged 60-69 and have not received a screening kit ring 0800 707 6060

Aged 40 to 74 years - We are offering free NHS health checks to all our patients between 40 and 74 years

The check is to assess your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, kidney disease or diabetes.

By taking early action, you can improve your health and prevent the onset of these conditions.

The check only takes 20-30 minutes and is based on straightforward questions and measurements such as age, sex, family history, height, weight and blood pressure.  There will be a simple blood test.

Please contact the surgery to make an appointment with the practice nurse.